PLEASE READ! Lots of Information here!

Here are a few quick rules and hints about DJWBookStore:

Q: How does the DJWBookStore website work?

A: Very simply, DJWBookStore is a big “filing cabinet.” I created it to increase the speed and pleasure of your shopping experience! It’s meant to replicate the experience of going to a bookstore, and carry lots of items of interest to teachers, students, librarians and… all readers! And it has a special “Niche” just for readers in Missouri and Kansas. And a special store for us fans of classical music! Finally, there is an area of Makerspace books and products.

Use the filing cabinet to find the bookshelves that you want to browse. The sections of my store (the “filing cabinet”) are on the left side of the “Shop” page. When you choose a section, you will see the actual shelves that are just for that section on the right. Click on the shelf that interests you, and you can browse!

When you click on any of the individual book links on a shelf, you’ll be taken away from DJWBookStore, and land at Bookshop.org. I am their affiliate. (There’s an explanation of THAT below.) When you add an item to your cart, it is kept by Bookshop.org, who will actually sell you the item. To return to my store and continue to shop, simply click on the previous tab for DJWBookStore at the top of your screen.

Q: Why are there two websites?

A: Because.  😉  No, actually – I am an affiliate of Bookshop.org and I will also earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. (But I deserve it. This thing took seven months to build – it’s both a labor of love and a 40,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.) There are two websites because the book lists were created on Bookshop.org, but are accessed through MY website. If you make a cart on Bookshop.org, please order within 48 hours so that I get paid! (that’s one of those “internet cookie things” that nobody ever understands.) Thanks!

Q: What is an “affiliate?’

A: Because I already have a presence on the internet as a library book seller (www.DJWBookworm.com), I was able to become an “affiliate” of Bookshop.org. Bookshop is a “benefit corporation” – a corporation dedicated to the public good. Their mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. 10% of the profits from their sales are donated to independent bookstores nationwide. I also earn a commission for the use of my website – and having built this new approach to bookselling.

Q: What else is good to know about DJWBookStore?

A: A few things:

When you’re on a shelf, CLICK ON THE BOOK’S THUMBNAIL PICTURE to see additional information, and select the book if you want to buy it. – You’ll notice that there are options: binding options, audio book options, etc. Often, there are different prices, or other ways to get the book listed – so you get to make choices! (Exciting!!)

“Add to Cart” means the book is ready to ship from Bookshop.org.

“Backorder” means that the book must be obtained from the publisher. So be patient!!

Books that are “out of print” simply don’t appear. Poof!

Most shipments are made in 2 or 3 days. It takes longer for “backordered” books – sometimes the book is simply out of stock, but often, many publishers offer their books “on demand,” meaning they have to be printed. Just for you! You’re special!

The books on the shelves won’t seem to be in order – but – it’s important that you know that the NEWEST books are at the beginning of each list! So, you can shop, but if you want to see the most current titles by genre – they’re at the very beginning.

For teachers, students, and folks like me who are habitually curious, I have added the Wikipedia entries for all possible authors, composers and awards on the site.  The links are in red lettering. I hope that this makes my website useful as an educational tool for teachers and kids, as well as a bookstore! Also, Wikipedia contains many valuable research links…

Finally, a very important note for teachers and curriculum administrators: An additional discount can be arranged for orders of 100+ copies of a title. Please contact me to obtain a quote at [email protected]  My email address is at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Q: Is this much different from using Amazon?

A: No, not really. The “search experience” is certainly different, but you don’t have to “dig as deep” as on some other websites.

Also, I’ve created “author files” for Children’s and YA/Adult authors. These really do act like filing cabinets! You can see all of the books “in print” by a given author, as well as the “series” that they’ve written. The authors are famous – some long dead (I call them “Great Authors”), and others contemporary. 

From the aspect of “searching” for a title – the titles are embedded in the bookshelves on Bookshop.org, so you can’t search by title. But you can search for an author, or the name of a series.  The best part is browsing the shelves, just like you’re shopping!

One other thing – the list of authors was created out of my 40-year experience as a book seller. It’s based on classic authors, well-loved authors, and popular authors! It’s NOT comprehensive. If you would like me to add an author, please write me a note at www.djwbookstore.com.  However – I think you’ll be impressed by this list!

Q: Do you have everything in print?

A: No. The store is meant to be like a real bookstore – LOTS of new books, both fiction and nonfiction, and lists of books of interest to educators and folks that live in my area (Missouri and Kansas). That doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from buying books from me!  THERE IS A LOT HERE! And your purchases will benefit bookstores!

The lists of new books will be updated every few weeks. Incessantly updated. Obsessively updated! I’m only one guy!!

And speaking of being “only one guy…” – I’d love to add the new series as they are published, but maintenance of the website as a one person operation is difficult – you’ll see the newest books from series in the new books lists, added regularly. And I’ll be adding the new series to my selected “popular authors” sections. 

Q: I represent a public and/or school library. Is there anything special that I need to know?

A: Two things:

We do not offer cataloging or processing services.

If your organization is tax exempt, please get in touch with Bookshop about whitelisting your account – by filling out the Contact Us form. Be sure to attach the necessary tax exemption documents to the form. A representative in Bookshop.org’s customer service will whitelist your account so future purchases are tax exempt.

Q: How much does the shipping cost?

A: Currently, shipping is $3.50 for the first book, and $1.00 for each additional book.

Q: Can items be returned?

A: Since items are warehoused and shipped by Bookshop.org, they will take care of returns, etc. Here is their site’s Bookshop Support Center.