C) 2021 Expanding Series! Middle Grades

These are “Expanding Series” – Current Series that are adding new titles – many of which are just being published. This list is for Middle Grades.

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See Book List     Ali Cross (James Patterson)

See Book List     City of Ghosts (Victoria Schwab)

See Book List     Scary Stories for Young Foxes (Junyi Wu)

See Book List     Train to Impossible Places (P G Bell)

See Book List     Fowl Twins (Eoin Colfer)

See Book List     Overthrow (Kenneth Oppel)

See Book List     Hollow Dolls (MarcyKate Connolly)

See Book List     Greystone Secrets (Margaret Peterson Haddix)

See Book List     Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries (Elizabeth Bunce)

See Book List     Shadow Skye (Joseph Elliott)

See Book List     Throwback (Peter Lerangis)

See Book List     Warriors: The Broken Code (Erin Hunter)

See Book List     Greenglass House (Kate Milford)

See Book List       Saint Philomene’s Infirmary for Magical Creatures (W Stone Cotter)